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Ive been trying to cancel my instructors course but no one will get back to me. Wondering if im going to have to sue for false advetisement and theft of money. Any one else struggled to get their money back?

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I officially cancelled my Zumba membership with the penalty of losing my license after over 4 years of faithfully paying my membership dues. It feels like a slap in my face from Zumba with treating their committed instructors like another stream of revenue to make money off of by providing insructors with little options for continuing education or ways to keep their license current aside from paying their monthly ZIN membership fee that Ive not... Read more

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My reason to cancel is also that I never used their website. It was difficult to use their teaching resource. It was amateur and I never got through the threshold of using it. After paying for several month, I finally decide to cancel. It was a shame! They make it so hard for you to cancel the zin membership. You could never get through the phone, unable to leave a voice mail. Sent them an email. No reply. Finally I called my credit card... Read more

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I'm taking a Zumba class where the teacher is making her daughter give the class on a few songs. Her daughter is not certified.

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The quality of Zumba instructor is Very poor, there is NO quality control, it's a joke! I was surprised that Anyone can become an instructor even if you can't move.... I'm sorry to say, but if you want to work in the fitness industry, you should be fit... I was a Jazzercise instructor long time ago, at that time, only 7 out of 200 people passed the final test to be instructors. (Not in Australia, other country, huge population.) Plus, they... Read more

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Have cancelled a Zumba training. They said when I cancelled the money was being sent to me. Then I got in touch with them, they kept lying that the money was being sent to me. A month later after trying like 20 times, not an exaggeration, I'm still waiting. They then told me to give them bank details (which they already have). That was a few days ago. They said several times to me, the money was paid out, it hasn't been. They have had over a... Read more

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Broken and missing ZIN volumes, declining quality of music and choreography. Overly rigid rules about how to teach a class. It really isn't worth $32.95/month. I taught dance (ballet, jazz, musical theater and modern) for decades without paying some crappy organization to use their logo. I can do the same after I quit ZIN. And the best part is, I can actually TEACH my classes instead of having to pretend to be a deaf/mute who can't communicate... Read more

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Been on the phone with Zumba Fitness 4 times now because over a week ago an order I placed is STILL processing. They will not let me cancel my order as they claim that they are unable to do so once the order is placed as it goes directly to the processing stage. I personally think they do that just to get your money and charge you, so that they make you think your item will come fast. They say on their site that all orders placed before noon... Read more

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Placed an order over a week ago, and it is still processing for some reason. I called 3 times and the 3rd time I said please cancel the order as I do not want the item anymore. Woman on the phone told me she can not cancel or edit the item in anyway and that I would have to wait until I receive it, to mail it back free of charge. This is a friggin joke! I told them I do not want the item anymore because it is taking too long and I should not... Read more

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I returned an item took them more then a month 1/2 to tell me its not returnable! On their web suite it says 100% returnable.But they told me the item was on sale. So it doesn't qualify for a refund, thats after 3 phone calls to customer service and a month and a 1/2 of waiting.Customer service told me no problem getting a refund. But I guess they where wrong! Will never order anything from this company! Read more

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