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GO TO AMAZON OR SOME OTHER SUPPLIER.THEIR ORDERING SYSTEM AND CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. Jessica and Lizette were useless !I ordered Zumba from the TV offer on a weekend on an impulse purchase. It sounded so great. I couldn’t get the website to work, so I used the phone.

BAD MISTAKE. Do not CALL the number. If you call, you get an automated ordering system. Even though it repeats back what you say and spell, it does not go into the computer correctly.

And don’t get me started on all the add-on offers you have to listen to before you finalize your order. It took almost a half hour to complete my order. Then there is no confirmation to check for 3 days. Are you kidding??

2 hours later I decided to cancel the order but was not able to do so because of their 2-3 day policy of your order not being in the system until then. I sent cancellation emails for 4 days and tried tracking it using their order status screen. USELESS. By that time it was too late.

It had already left the building. By time I got a response, they claim they could not locate the order because my email was in the computer wrong. Not my fault. The computer did not enter what I said or spelled.

I asked for the return policy. They instructed me not to open the package in any way when it arrived. I was to write RETURN TO SENDER on the box and take it to the post office. I made a copy of the label before and after doing so and returned it.

3 weeks later I received a refund for $9.95. Nothing near to what I was charged.

What kind of scam are you running? False advertisement among other things.

Monetary Loss: $36.

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Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States #836391

Buy from Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond soooooo much cheaper, Zumba on tv advertisement is the biggest joke and will rip you off and they don't give a ***, they are just after your money and it is false advertisement!!!!

Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States #609237

I too was not pleased when i ordered from the tv #. As i spoke with my Zumba instructors, i learned that is not the one linked with them/zumba fitness byBeto.

I too got all the annoying offers/ asking for paymeny from the tv infomercial web link.

If you want to order without the mess go to ZUMBA.COM!. Hope this helps.

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