I made the mistake of doing a google search for the Zumba DVD advertised on TV. Unfortunately, I did not know that there is a company website and one specifically for the television ad.

Therefore, I did not have the option of the 3 payment option. On the Zumba.com website, you complete all of your order info and assume that you will be shown another screen to review your order. No...not an option. The order was placed.

I immediately called the company within maybe 2 minutes and they told me it was already processed and could not be canceled. So I was out $70 when I was only planning on spending $20. I waited for over a week for the shipment to get to my post office. I returned the product.

A week later I called to check on my refund. They directed me to the return policy which states it could take up to 30 days to receive my refund.

Furious!!! Would not purchase this product now regardless.

Review about: Zumba Fitness Fitness Program.

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